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I haven't been keeping track of Overwatch at all -- mostly because it's one of those multiplayer-only sort of games -- but when I came across this animated short, I had to watch it. I had initially assumed that it was going to be a Team Fortress 2-like character introduction trailer. You know, the ones with each class and they're all pretty hilarious.
But what I didn't expect was something that was so good, I could have confused it for a clip from the next Pixar movie. Seriously, it's about 8 minutes long but it's well worth the watch. You can check it out below.
In the 8 minutes that this short runs, it establishes so much about the game and the character Winston, who is a scientist first, and the world he lives in. I didn't expect to get chills while I was watching the film but I did and admitting that to a bunch of strangers feels a little bit embarrassing.
I don't really want to spoil anything so I won't really talk about what happens in the video. But it's a real good watch. It makes you think that this game could probably make a pretty good movie. And it's nice to see how Blizzard put some extra effort into their promotional videos. It's nice to see gameplay every now and then but starting with a top-notch short like this one is a pretty good move in my opinion.
You should watch it, preferably with a cup of coffee when you're supposed to be working.
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damn dude, this was awesome. is Overwatch and Xbone exclusive?