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Another kind of monthly challenge! Man I love these hehe... a little too much! Let's get on with it!!
1) My ultimate Got7 bias and why
Hmm...if you have known me for as long as I have been on will notice that Youngjae is my ONLY bias in Got7 (a great achievement...they have tried to get me but I WILL NOT be defeated!)
So it's safe to say that Youngjae is my UB in this group....why??
Hmm...simple.... his smile/laugh drew me to him! There's something that all my biases have in common and its that endearing smile....a smile that only some have that makes my heart go 두근 두근.
That my friends is what he has!
His personality really resonates with me.... taking all the amazing parts of all my biases....that would be my ideal type!
Maybe the fact that he is a 96' liner and is an AMAZING vocalist! Like all my biases I am glad that he picked me!!
Bye Gummyz!
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yass, he's so easy on the's like oh my I can't lol. good choice