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Next in our BtoB intro. series we have Minhyuk, he is my current bias in this group even though Minhyuk is trying really hard to change that.
Basic Fats:
Name- Lim Hyun Sik
Birthday: March 7, 1992
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Specialties: Vocals, Compostion, Lyrics, Guitar, Piano, and speaking Chinese

1. His original dream was to become a singer/songwriter, not a singer/dancer

2. He enjoys weight lifting rather than going on diet

3. He is a positive thinker and a relaxed type of person

4. He is BtoB's official masculine representative(for obvious reasons)

5. He loves to listen to R&B and soul, His role model is Stevie Wonder

Here is a clip of him singing, just like the other members! His voice is so unique and so ear catching. And his voice (x_x) is crazy(good)!!

I hope you enjoyed learing more about my bias, Hyunsik!!! Next will be Peniel!!

He gives me so much life 😍😍❤️
Can't wait for the next card, but love the Hyunsik highlight! That whole video of him in the blanket kills me. And definitely living his dream of songwriting, he has his hand in a lot of BtoB's music nowadays! Always impressed with him.
I almost died just now. I knew he was one of my bias but HOT DAMN!!!! I NEED TO SHOW MY NONE KPOP FRIENDS. HE MIGHT HELP TURN THEM
He's my BTOB bias baby. 😘
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