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I haven't played Journey but I'm aware of the profound effect it has on the people who have played it. PlayStation's YouTube channel recently released a short documentary about the game called Makers & Gamers. It operates under a simple premise, "what happens when game maker meets game player?"
But instead of the video feeling like a promotional video for Sony and the games that come to Playstation, it's an emotional story about how Journey had affected one girl's life for the better. The video is around 10-11 minutes long (it might be a little too long for a transit ride or if you're at work) and you can watch it below.
While I was watching the video, I couldn't help but feel tears well up in my eyes a bit when Sophia was talking about how important Journey was for her and her father who had passed away. Of course, losing someone always triggers an emotional response from me.
But the fact that the game will forever remind her of her father and the way they played it during the last days of his life is what got to me. I've always looked at gaming as an experience that needs to be shared with others, especially if the person is sitting right next to you.
And even though I don't know Sophia and didn't until I watched this video, I'm glad that she got to spend some quality time with her father with a video game. And I'm glad that she gets to revisit those memories whenever she plays the game again. Even though my experience isn't as dire or permanent as hers, I still find myself playing older games that remind me of people I'm not around anymore.
It almost makes it feel like they're still with you.
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This only works if you play multi, most of the games I played were single players, I like to immerse myself fully inside the game's world and plot, it's like an escape, so I don't usually associate games with people I know. But I get what you saying, games are sometimes like photographs, bring out the memories you long forgotten.