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Things could get weird.

Ok, so Batman vs. Superman is almost here, and Civil War is coming out in May. We're all excited, sh!t's about to get real. But what if they swapped characters? What if the DC heroes were dealing with the Superhuman Registration Act, while the Avengers were struggling with distrust because instead of being a team they've been fighting on their own this whole time?

Which sides would the characters be on if the circumstances were swapped?

Do you think Batman would be pro-Registration or opposed to it? Who in the Marvel universe would be the 'alien' everyone is afraid is going to destroy the world? Maybe Wanda? It's fun to think about!
the hulk would probably be the crazy alien even though he's not an alien
haha what ever but love this
@JimTurpen haha that's a good point! Yeah I feel like on the Flash they just talk about it when there's people around XD
I think most the DC characters would be against the act, it seems DC characters put a lot of stock in maintaining a secret identity. Except in the Arrow and Flash shows, those big mouths seem to tell everyone.
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