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As I've mentioned in the past, I've grown obsessed with facial cleansers. Throughout the years I have spend tons of money on several trying to find the perfect match for my skin and finally, nearly 26 years later -- I've found the prototype. It's been about three months or so since I fell in love with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser [here] and I had to give you all an update. While this cleanser isn't as hyped up as it should, I'm hoping that some day it gets to that level. If you have sensitive skin and you're looking for a gentle cleanser or you just want a cleanser that won't leave your skin dry, this is the cleanser for you. One of the reasons you don't hear too many people ranting and raving about this cleanser is because it's slightly pricey compared to your drugstore brands, but trust me -- it's so worth it.

Benefits of Fresh Soy Cleanser:

- removes makeup and impurities from skin - rich in amino acids - supports moisture retention - tones skin - fragrance and soap free

Pros I've seen since using the Cleanser:

- complexion is brighter - redness has calmed down exceptionally - texture of skin feels smooth - face stays moisturized throughout the day - comes in two sizes - a little bit goes a long way

Cons I've seen since using cleanser:

- slightly pricey compared to other brand and items

Would you give this cleanser a try?

love fresh! so glad I stumbled upon their products, but I've been looking to the sake bath. def have to invest @Cle1
Used to use this, then their SoHo store closed. I use other products now, but still recommend this - & Fresh, generally #sake
@jordanhamilton I will definitely keep you posted
it would def be a gift worth receiving. such an amazing product @humairaa
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