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Telltale Games have made a lot of good games, or series of games, over the past couple of years. It started with The Walking Dead series and eventually they tackled properties like Game of Thrones and Minecraft.
But before all Telltale started working on Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and the recently announced Batman series, they made The Wolf Among Us which is based on the Fables comic books. And even if you haven't read a Fables issue, you'll still know all of the characters involved in the story.
That's because they all come from the fables or fairytales we were told as children. In the game you play as the Big Bad Wolf and you come across Snow White and other staples of fairytale lore.
I know from the images and maybe the trailer if you watched it above, it might seem a little confusing. But just imagine all the fairytales you've been told were real and somehow got banned from living in their homeland and were forced to live in our world. And with the use of magic -- of course magic -- they're able to appear human. So the Big Bad Wolf, is Bigby Wolf (I know, horrible pun but still cool). And Bigby, is the sheriff of the area all the fables have moved to.
It's this weird juxtaposition because we're all so used to thinking of the Big Bad Wolf as a horrible character. He's always the one eating everything. But in our world, he decides to turn a new leaf. So while the game is definitely a murder mystery. The most important -- and the coolest part of the game -- is the way you control his actions.
The game puts you in the same place Bigby finds himself in. He's used to just violently acting out but his new job requires him to practice some restraint. The game perfectly puts you in that position. Here's an early example, that's sort of a spoiler but not really because I don't really remember the exact choices and dialogue options.
But in this screen shot, we can see Bigby (on the right) talking to one of the Three Little Pigs. And this conversation, probably, has to do with the fact that the pig isn't using magic to appear as human. But at the same time, they're having a casual conversation. They're even sharing a cigarette!
But you, as Bigby, can be a total jerk to him. You know, the way you used to when you blew his house down and tried to eat him. Or you can try turning over a new leaf and dealing with the issue diplomatically. And these kinds of decisions happen constantly. It's up to you whether you want to be the Big Bad Wolf, or you know, a nice guy.
If you haven't played this game, you definitely need to.
I've played all five episodes before and I liked the premise and gameplay. I also think this one is a bit underrated from what Telltale has made.
I got the whole series for free on the xbone, actually about to fire it up. it's legit, the dark gritty world, the cell shaded animation, the harsh unrelenting gameplay, it's a fantastic game
@patmanmeow, yeah I definitely feel the same way. and with all the new series they're working on, I'm worried we'll never get a second season of this one