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I picked up a pack of Gardein's chick’n strips, which actually comes with teriyaki sauce. I wanted to try out the strips without the sauce because I really wanted to try it out without the sauce potentially covering up the taste. However, I did fry these bad boys with garlic (because that's like necessary).
Taste: They are as close to a chicken taste as they are going to get. The taste of the strips are pretty mild. They don't taste much of anything, so it is important to season well.
Texture: I am seriously impressed by the texture of these things! They have the same kind of texture as real chicken strips. Even the inside looked like chicken when I cut them up.
I recommend!

This is how mine actually tuned out:

Remember, I cooked these without the sauce. So may look a little strange!
they don't look to appetizing though. maybe if your take a photo of the cross section, it'd give a clearer picture how the texture is like?
@kalirayne94 you're welcome :)
thanks !! @alywoah
@kalirayne94 They are in the vegetarian section at my grocery store. I buy them at a local store, but I think I've also seen them at stores like Walmart
quick Q: whered you purchase these ?? .
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