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Okay, so last week I had the hardest time trying to ripe my green plantains. For some reason, the markets that I go to do not sell ripe bananas in general, so I have to make do with what I have. No, I didn't want tostones. I wanted these bad boys sweet enough for a pastelón.
At first, I tried the paper bag trick. For one week I had my green plantains in a paper bag to quicken the ripening process. However, I was either too inpatient, or it was just not working. In a week, the plantains were hardly ripe. They hardly even changed colors.
Like....what the hell.

Anyway, I came across this video on how to ripen green plantains:

And I thought this video was useless because:

1) I want my plantains ripe like ASAP...not days.
2) These are not for plantains necessarily, so I wonder if the process is different.

Anyway, I ended up just playing the waiting game for the plantains. However, if someone has a sure way of ripening green plantains quickly, please let me know! I've searched all of the internet and for some reason I am running into walls.

-_- be more patient, these are from another country so they must be at the greenest! lol wrapping in paper works for me (no fridge of course) but if you want something for next week buy this week so you can have time to ripen. I have to do the same with aguacates.
@Ticasensei yeah I had to just be patient lol.
I'm determined to help you research this lol.