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So this conversation totally didn't happen between my sister and I last night.
It started off like this:
Sis:Would you like to hear about the church of Min Yoongi? Me:(totally got side-tracked) Wait... Where would each and everyone one of BTS preach at? SIS: So what you are saying is that BTS is a religion, and each of the members are a sub-religion to a religion? Me:Yep Sis: Oh, okay. So where do you think they would preach? Me: Well JungKookie would preach at a temple or shrine. Jimin would preach- Sis: (Cuts me off and all seriousness) AT A STRIP CLUB! Me: (Bursts out laughing) Me: (Still giglling) and Taehyungie would preach (starts laughing while trying to finish) in-in a cardboard box painted as a spaceship! (uncontrollable laughter comes from both of us) Sis: (after laughter has subdued) And Jhope would do it at a stable! (Notification rings: The ringtone is Oppa Gangman Style and we both start dying of laughter for a solid ten minutes) Me: Okay-okay. (Let's out a giggle) Jin would get a castle because he's a princess. Rapmonster would get the dungeon under the castle, because his rap started underground. Sis: Are you sure you didn't do it because you ship the NamJin? Me: Well that's part of it. Sis: I think Min Yoongi would go door to door personally, and preach to you with his rap.
And that, ladies and gentlemen was a conversation at 11 pm of two sleep-deprived BTS fans. Sorry I guess xD
it was really funny. I tell my sister's that we need to be video taped bcuz we come up with really funny things and we forget it the next day lol
Yes because Yoongi has the dedication and wants to make sure you join though the others would have lots of followers too.