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Are you and your partner looking for a Latin-inspired recipe that's all vegetarian/vegan? I have a few recipes that'll make your dinner complete. These recipes are actually Cuban-inspired. So, crank up some salsa music and enjoy a Cuban meal with your partner.


With this recipe, you can either use flax tempeh, or use ground crumbles from Morning Star or Boca. Keep in mind that Morning Star is are vegetarian (not vegan), so you can decide what you which you would like to use. Boca crumbles are vegan! :)
Check out the recipe here > Vegan Picadillo

Black Beans

These aren't just black beans, these are Cuban-style black beans. There's a process to this, you guys. But they are easy to me, I promise!
Check out the recipe here > Black Beans

White Rice

Okay, you're almost done. Now you just need white rice. You make this the lazy way: in a rice cooker, or buy one of those boil-in-a-bag rice. But if you're feeling like you want to make your life a little more difficult, you can make your white rice in a pot.

Tres Leches

Dessert should never be skipped! Tres leches is easy to make if you don't do it from scratch. And I like easy recipes, so you're in luck.
Check out this EASY recipe > Tres Leches