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So I picked this anime out a year ago and added it to my list of to watch animes. After the first episode I realized I've already watched it about 10+ years ago. Haha ohh well I'll still binge it bc I don't remember it all and so far it's a fun anime about heaven and earth dragons, basically humans who will change the destiny of the world!! So give it an add or chance to watch and binge NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
@LuffyNewman hahaha yeah some people pretty much don't know any other anime besides the popular ones
I remember when I watched the movie on TV YEARS ago that was a really long time when anime was everywhere on TV , I remember I couldn't find it until like two years ago , the movie made me so mad at how it ended (┳Д┳) the series wasn't as bad , it was a interesting anime
@ebethoven I am glad someone else has seen or heard of it tho bc it's someone what known but a lot of ppl seem to know only the big name animes.
@ebethoven haha yeah not so much in that realm but I'm gonna see it to the end not only bc I can't give up on an anime but bc I've watched it before and don't wanna put it on my watched list u til I've finished it again. Plus I don't add completed animes to my app that I've watched before I got the IMAL2 app. I just feel that a couple years ago when I got this app a lot changed and was the time to start a new part of my life. Haha anime!! Anime is life!!
I think I've made it to episodes 10 or so then I gave up because my ecchi side kicked in