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In rememberance of the beauty that was My Chemical Romance, I present to you one of my favorite MCR lyrics. This lyric makes me feel free. I feel free from responsibilities, burdens, pain, and even joy. I feel content. I feel as though I have succeeded. I think this lyric reminds me of death. After all of life has gone by, I will sit there looking back on everything that I have been a part of, and I will let it all explode. I will have done everything I needed to do. I will be ready to move on and to give up all of my past. This lyric feels like freedom to me. I hope that is how MCR felt when they broke up. I hope they felt as though they had done everything they needed to do, and I am glad they felt the freedom to end the band when it was right for them. I will finish this card off with a lyric that ended it all. The last words MCR ever sang on stage together. The last concert. The last song. The final farewell.
Hahah yeah, I got pulled over listening to Fuck Forever by Babyshambles, it's my I need to drive fast song hahah @JayZK
Ah you're breaking my heart @JayZK Loved the edits. Na Na Na is the perfect song to blast while you're flying down the highway with your windows open. LOVE this card, and your edits and words. Keeps getting better and better. What a fab and fitting tirbute!
@TessStevens we all have one!!
@TessStevens i have actually done that before! I then was pulled over and given a ticket for not having a front liscence plate on my car... Thank you! I really appreciate it!