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Hey kitties! Another comeback has been announced! CNBLUE is making a comeback in April with their 6th mini album 'BLUEMING'. Teasers will be released officially March 24th at midnight KST ! (Credit to Koreaboo ) Link:
(Picture Credit to the rightful owner ❤) How exciting! I know this comeback is going to be gooood! xD I'm looking forward to it :) Who's excited?! -Happy Tuesday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
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I was really into their previous single and album, Can't Stop, and basically everything off that (especially Like a Child and Cold Love). Besides that, I only know title tracks, which is a great starting place in general for them since they all are nice easy tunes. Sorry I'm not much help :) @kpopINT
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@baileykayleen thank you I'll have to start with those then😊😊 (🐳Sky)
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OMO! WAH!!!! 😆 I can't wait!
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I am for sure! I love CNBlue and have enjoyed all of there comebacks, so I know I'm going to love this one too! ♥️♥️
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I can't wait!!!
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