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I have a good friend who's been single for a while now, and really gets down on herself for it. It's not so much that she thinks she's not good enough to have a partner, etc. She just sad and has this HUGE desire to love and be with someone.

It's true what that song says, everybody just needs somebody to love, right??

Well, this is my advice to her an all other struggling Vingler's out there. Because you don't need a partner to love.

Do "little things" for others

You might write a thoughtful note to a partner after they have a rough day, right? Well, friends like that stuff too! Spend time helping them study for an exam or help make them dinner. You will remember what it feels like to care for someone.

Love yourself!

For some people, it's super hard to feel totally conformable in your skin. When you are desperately searching for someone to care for, we tend to forget about loving ourselves!! Take some time to reflect each day on what makes you happy-- then DO IT. Take some time each day to reflect on something you've wanted and desired to do -- then DO IT.

Put intimacy into other relationships

When I was going through a pretty rough breakup I had really great friend give me some pretty fabulous advice. It sounds weird, but she said, "put the intimacy into friendships!" I was like... uh what? I don't want to be intimate with my friends. XD What she really meant is put apply thoughtful conversation, intimate meaningful acts of service, and truly taking CARE for your friends. Humans are pretty nurturing creatures, so when you lose that person you usually nurture, try giving it back to your friends!

Get a pet

I know this is a silly suggestion, but it's worked for so many of my friends. They feel this desire to cuddle and nurture, well pets are great way to do both of those things! Make sure you are fully-committed though because pets are friends for a lifetime <3 Bonus: they will love you back.

Charity work

Giving is essentially love. So what better way to give than working/volunteering for a charity. In college I was able to volunteer at a homeless shelter every Saturday, and just being able to give back was a HUGE reminder to myself to keep loving every person I encounter.

What ways do you express love outside of relationships?

Thanks for commenting :) @jackhunter I'm glad you liked it!
Great read thanks for sharing .
@sophiamor totally, haha that's why I said make sure you can definitely handle getting a pet and loving it for it's lifetime. Remind you how loved you are, but remind you that you can love back without having an SO. :)
Totally agree with this list (except definitely be sure you're able to handle the big responsibility of having a pet! its a huge commitment!) I've found that time with friends and family can really remind you how loved you are!