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It's already been 4 years since BtoB first debuted on March 20 of 2012, but it feels like just yesterday they were a Rookie group, and not well known! Here's a look back over their last 4 years.
BtoB has changed so much, and it was a struggle trying to find some rookie pics because that was so long ago. Honestly, they do what other groups do. At least in terms of effort and all the feels we experience when watching or listening to them. They have their own sound, and stick with that instead of trying to copy other groups like a few have done.
Their first MV, to the most recent one. I got all the feels right now and I'm still unfamiliar with BtoB!
If you're like me and still getting to know BtoB, you may want the member profiles. (Click here for the full profiles)
Seo Eun Kwang, better known as Eunkwang
Main Vocalist and Leader
Specialties: Vocals and Piano
Lee Mink Hyuk, better known as Minhyuk
Vocalist, Rapper, and Visual
Specialties: Music Composer, Exercising, and Acrobatics
Lee Chang Seob, better known as Changsub
Specialties: Piano and Drums
Lim Hyun Sik, better known as Hyunsik
Vocalist and Dancer
Specialties: Music Composer, Guitar, and Piano
Shin Dong Guen, better known as Peniel
Vocalist and Dancer
Specialties: Acting and Guitar
Jung Il Hoon, better known as Ilhoon
Vocalist and Rapper
Specialties: Music Composer
Yook Sung Jae, better known as Sungjae
Vocalist, Rapper, and Maknae
Specialties: Snowboarding
On top of it being their 4 year anniversary, BtoB is also having a comeback on the 28 of this month! Melodys, prepare yourselves.

Anybody else not ready for this? Comment below!

Love you guys! -MaeRin
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YASSSSS I CANNOT WAIT sadly I won't have internet access when they comeback 😒😒😒