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Yes, a baby elephant is perhaps a little too big to cuddle on a human's lap, but don't tell this baby elephant that.

It's time to meet a baby lap elephant!

Watch this adorable video of this baby elephant deciding its going to become a lap elephant. I promise you will smile.

It's not an isolated event.

Apparently, baby elephants love giving some love to humans. Watch this video to see a bunch of baby elephants try their best to cuddle some human friends.

Keep hugging and sitting on laps, baby elephants!

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I would respond like Kristen Bell responded when she got to meet a real sloth.
So sweet!
I think so too. Her reaction was PRICELESS.
@danidee hahahaha yesss! That is the only appropriate response haha
@danidee haha I would be so happy if one cuddled up with me! They just want some extra lovin :)
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