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The Cards won an MLB-best 100 games last season, took the NL Central and advanced to the postseason for the fifth straight season.
The Mets were the hottest team down the stretch and went to the World Series.
The Nationals on paper may have the most talented team in baseball and yet no one is calling any of those three teams the favorite to win the National League.
The talk of the town is the Cubs.. but does it make sense?
I really like the Cubs. I love what they are building over there. They have a nice mesh of vets and rising young talent.
The thing is, they aren't battle tested. The Cards have made deep post season runs. The Mets won the NL last year and didn't lose any key pieces. The Nationals will more than likely be a lot better than they were last year.
I cant lie: THE CUBS ARE DUE. My god they deserve a run.. but I'm not sure if this year is the year. It took the Royals a couple years to figure it out and it may take the Cubs a couple as well.

Are the Cubs truly the best team in the National League?

You can't say that before the season starts
@EvanYannetti Hahaha just making predictions. But youre right. You never know what will happen once the season actually starts!
I second @DavidGom's comment
They do look like the second best team in the NL....after the Giants.
Yes. But I think it depends on two players this year: Anthony Rizzo and Jake Arrieta. I don't know if Arrieta can put up the monster numbers he put up last season...if both players play their part, then they are going to win the whole thing.