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Being stuck in a hospital for days, weeks or months can be drudging. But being stuck in a hospital as a kid can be even worse. Meet the mini therapy horse that is bringing some joy to a tough time.

It's time to meet Honor, the mini therapy horse!

Meet Honor.

Honor is a miniature horse that is trained as a therapy animal. He walks around the Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai meeting sick children and providing them some joy during a tough situation. Kids who aren't able to meet with Honor can watch him on a live closed circuit television show in the hospital and can call or text questions to Honor's trainer.
Watch this video to see Honor in action!

Keep bringing smiles to kids' faces, Honor!

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@redapple615 wow that's amazing! And I completely agree with you that animals can help in the healing process. They are great companions, but can also provide help with healing.
I used to volunteer at a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities that used therapeutic riding via horses. They're such good creatures and so helpful. And this shows how animals can help the healing process for children.