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Today is a sad day for NBA fans around the globe.
TNT reporter Craig Sager’s leukemia is no longer in remission, he told Bernard Goldberg during an interview for HBO’s Real Sports.
“In an interview that will air Tuesday, Sager revealed that doctors told him last month the cancer had returned, and gave him “3-6 months” diagnosis to live.
Sager, 64, was first diagnosed with leukemia in April 2014 and the disease returned in March 2015, forcing him to take the rest of the season off. After a bone marrow transplant in July, Sager returned to TNT for the first game of the 2015–16 season.
For those who are casual fans, Sager has been a fixture on NBA sidelines for 25 plus years. He is witty and bold in his questions and sideline attire. Outside of Clyde Frazier, I cant think of another person who adds pizazz to their suits like he does.
Lets all send positive vibes to one of the best sideline analysts in the game. I hope Sager beats this. Cancer truly sucks.
This really sucks. Hope he pulls through.
I really wish he can beat it once more...
I was so sad when I heard the news.......