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Wats up you guys!! Last card I did introduce Hyunsik now its Peniel's turn!! Let's get right into this!
Basic Facts:
Name- Shin Dong Geun
Birth Date- March 10, 1993
Position- Vocalist and Dancer
Specialties- Acting, playing guitar and bass, Vocals, Dancing, and speaking English

1. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Then moved to Korea two years before his debut

2. He listens to every type of music but grew up listening to rock music

3. He was the last member to join BtoB

4. Was a JYP trainee before he entered CUBE Entertainment

Listen to him sing here!! His ENGLISH IS IMPECCABLE!!! ITS SO GOOD!!!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Peniel!! Next will be Ilhoon!!

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Peniel is my 2nd bias for btob 鉂わ笍馃槝
hahaha yay he did an English song
His English should be good, as Peniel is American.
@JaxomB thats why it's good to hear him sing