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Yesterday, 7-11 set social media online with their "Bring your own cup" slurpee day.
From the looks of images online, people REALLY love the slurpee drink. People were bringing in pots and pans to fill with slurpee drink.
Today, our love of everything slurpee is being tested again, the convenience store chain is now offering Wild Cherry Slurpee-flavored donuts with red icing and sprinkles at certain 7-Eleven locations.
According to Brand Eating, the Wild Cherry Slurpee Donut “is a cake donut with a wild cherry-flavored icing and what appears to be sugar crystals (perhaps to give the donut an ice-like crunch) on top. Inside, the donut is speckled with bits of pink."
If the donut itself just isn't enough, you can even get is as part of a $2 meal with a SLURPEE of course!!
What do you think? Ay or Nay on the slurpee donut?
UGHHH GROSS. That just looks like nothing but red dye and fake cherry flavoring.
I'd totally eat this at least once. yummy.
why not, looks interesting. But I'll bet we don't get it in Australia until 2 years later or something :/