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The latest DLC for Fallout 4, Automatron, has been out for about a day now but that doesn't mean people have already gone ahead and made videos showing you everything that you can do with the new robot customization stuff.
And while Automatron is about someone known as The Machinist and how they make crazy looking robots. That doesn't mean you can't make some of your own crazy looking robots. Especially when it comes to upgrading the robots you already know... Like, Codsworth!
The bowler-hat wearing English butler-esque robot is the first companion you come across in the game and if you're like me, then you wished that you could outfit him with something stronger than a sense of style.
YouTuber GRZ NGT, thankfully, made a video that goes through all of the mods that you can use to upgrade Codsworth. And let me tell you, they're amazing. You can take him from a sad-looking Mr. Handy and turn him into something absolutely insane and terrifying. I can't wait to finally get some real time with the game so I can make my own horrifying murder robots.
How about the rest of you with Fallout 4, have you gotten into Automatron, yet?