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Easter Bunny Loses Chill, Fights Parents At Mall
With Easter right around the corner, everyone is running to photographers or to the mall to take pictures with their children in celebration of the spring season.
While everyone would assume that all parties are in a good mood at events like this, that's often not the case. At the mall events, their is often one clearly salty person in the transaction: The Easter Bunny.
I mean, can you blame the guy? People are flinging their children at him all day for pics. He has to fake joy for hours for a so-so wage.
What happens when the Easter Bunny is tired though? What happens when the kid is soiled? Does he get a break? Does he have a right to complain?
I don't know what happened to this Easter Bunny in New Jersey this past week, but he was clearly upset. Instead of walking it off though, things got out of hand and let to a fight.
Yeah... this wasn't my proudest moment to be from the Garden State.
The Easter Bunny went crazy in the mall and decided to throw hands with everyone in sight.
I don't know what pushed him over the top, but their has to be a reason for this.. I think.
Should the Easter Bunny get a pass for this? Something tells me he's out of job after this video hit the web.
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@animaniafreak yeah I wonder what really pushed him over the edge like this
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee year this Bunny had a complete meltdown.. lol
2 years ago·Reply
@bloodstrider the Bunny?
2 years ago·Reply
@christianmordi that picture is scary so yes the bunny
2 years ago·Reply
Hard to really swing either way too heavy on this one, because we don't know exactly pushed him over the top. I just wish the kids didn't have to see the bunny go out of control like that though lol
2 years ago·Reply