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So finally the rookie group that I have been having my eyes on released their debut MV!! While not a big fan of rap/hip-hop, I must say I do like their song a lot! (I'm not a music critic/review so sadly I can't go any deeper than that). The lyrics are pretty impressive too. They raise the questions that many of us have asked ourselves at one point or another: What is our dream? Do we even have one at all? Are we doing anything for our dream? It hints an under-layer message about the group's dream to become real kpop artists and this song is their first step in fulfilling it. It also doesn't help (with my crush on them) that the group consists of seven very visually pleasant-looking boys: V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-hope, SUGA, Rap Monster. With that, I think they can make it big. How about you?
ummm not a fan..noticed the beat wouldn't match the rap hmmm. I'll keep my watch on them
@winterlovesong there isn't much info on them yet. I'll link you when I see any :) @npos i totally agree. when I saw the teaser I feel like they are wannabes but still place my bet on them anyway. Their MV and song turn out to be super impressive!
At first I thought they were going to be similar to B.A.P but nah, they got their own swag and their own thang going lol.
Where can I read more about them?
Not bad for rookie!