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Let me start by saying i dont like how they killed off literally everyone .. Even the main character gets killed i have never seen an anime where that has happened .. well maybe toyko ghoul but it doesnt really count i dont see myself ever rewatching this anime because they killed off all my favorite charcters and the first 10 episodes out of the 24 were boring but after that i got attached to the show .
The girls in this anime do look great i especially like esdeath and akame's design the other girls look great as well , Although i dont like how they treat the women in this anime they treat them like prostitutes and abuse them a lot
Lubbock is my favorite character in the show anyone who has watched the anime doesnt need an explanation why (: rip lubbock ❤
Tatsumi and mine where my favorite ship but as you would guess his girl was killed then later on so was he ... And he was the main character .....
The only relevant character that survived was akame i dont have a problem with this cause shes bad ass and I have a thing for girls with dark black hair and swords :P
In conclusion if you made it this far and you loved this show your probably mad but in my opinion the show barely made it to the average it was sooo short for an anime and also the deaths of all my favorite charcter's made me not want to watch this anymore but i finished it anyway i dont hate this anime i think its good i just dont like the unnecessary character deaths even the main character like why :/
that's why I have the namie, like dethroned manga though. (Spoilers!) Cause they killed off the characters in the anime ....didn't like that
Random but!! Would mind addin ga sentence or two to the beginning of this? I read the first sentence on my feed without realizing it would be a big spoiler :( lol Just a warning for silly people like me to stop reading would e great XD
manga comes out 1 a month
if i were you id just start from the beginning because the anime changes things here and there like any other adaption like lubock dies differently
@otaku1736 Thanks for your help I really appreciate it you made my mood better knowing this I might start just reading manga instead of watching the anime from now on, Thanks again (:
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