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guys.. I was looking on instagram and found a post about monsta x... I think I fell in love. no joke guys and after 30 minutes of trying to choose my bias.. I finally choose one guy that stood out to me.
I only have one photo of him but in the next hour I'll probably have like more then 30 photos of him. Do u guys know who this is? If u don't, OMG his voice is amazing!
So any tips for this new MONSTA X fan?!?
Another MonBebe there is No Exit from this fandom....a caution stay away from Wonho (he is dangerous)
kihyun my bias in that group he is so cute and handsome😚😚
Another monbebe..Hi!! If you want to learn more about Monsta X..I did introduction cards on them..Check it out here https://www.vingle.net/collections/4171295-MONSTA-X if you want to!
@UnicornSuga lol I've been hooked on MONSTA-X since they debuted
@Gaarita100 ik I tell my best friend his stage name and she looks at me like I'm crazy but I got her hooked onto monsta x to!
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