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The ONE scene that I have been waiting for, finally happens in episode 20!! I long for this reunited scene so much especially after so many heartbreaks that both of them had to suffer. Many people might not watch ep 19 yet so I'm not gonna give any spoiler, but I swear my heart felt like it was being ripped out watching it. Ah, and baby boy Kang Chi said that he's gonna protect her from now on <3
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@masridaniela @rabia64 thanks guys for the answer!! that's 4 more eps to go yay ^___^ @genieborj I have no idea. But I'm glad it is played by another actress because Yeon Hee looks insanely young to be Kang Chi's mom now, while Jin Hyuk still pulls it off pretty well as his dad.
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@Reyam me 2 i hope for an vvvvveeerrryyy happy & :))))
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@masriDaniela. Hope so
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@masriDaniela yeahhhh hope that
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