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last year when JYP announced a new group is was happy to hear that it wasn't a normal kpop group. I have been with Day6 from the start and I love their first album. However I was upset when one of the members withdrew from the group. Though I'll support him no matter what he plans on doing. Next week they are making a comeback and I can't wait. so are there any Day6 Fans that can relate with me?
I'm not so pumped for obvious reasons but I'm always happy to see the boys doing well.
@cindystran They'd better let Jae put his hashtags in! lol
@ChaErica I just found out day6 made a new instagram. @day6kilogram
@ChaErica It was there when I checked this morning! I can't believe it's all gone now!
I'm just now hearing about Junhyeok being kicked out. Now I go onto Instagram to find they've all deleted their instagrams? How am I supposed to live without Jae's hashtags??
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