The dumbest thing you can do as a so called Kpop fan is start a fan war with another fandom for no reason at all! You're not a real Kpop fan if you start Kpop war against the Kpop Idol instead of the fandom! If you don't like a certain group then cool, keep that shit to yourself! Fanwars should stay fanwars, don't bring the actually group into your bullshit! We already got non kpop fans, and these fake azz kpop blogs talking mess about K-Idols as it is, we don't need to be going against each other for no damn reason! And for all you fake kpop fans out there talking mess, and hurting our Idols, just stop, because we know you're looking for attention! Is sad that you have nothing better to do then to make a page dedicated to somebody you swear you don't like!