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I wanted to draw my hubby taetae so yea lol he's so adorbs~!!! I luv him so mch~!😘😘😱
next is my hubby tae's omma baekhyun haha he so cute~ don't know if this is cute or not but wanted to try and draw it this way to see how it turned out...don't know if it's the same but yea lol I tried
then theirs jungkookie~ haha messed up ok the eye but tried my best
the lulu deer~ I miss him in exo so so much but glad he's doing good ok China or where he is now luv his music
then it's my cute baozi oppa~ xiumin!!! he's so cute like ugh idk but yea I messed up ok his eye my accident lol but my cute baozi oppa~!!
and last but not least suho~!! he's so idk got to say it but yes he is also one of my bias in exo lol I have many more but it took forever to do this so I only made these for now if you guys want some just send me a picture of what you want me to draw and I'll try my best to draw it lol but i can't draw people is all I'm saying I can only draw chibi and animation stuff so sorry if you want me to draw an actually face or body of them I can't I am so sorry but hope you guys like it and comment below on what you guys think thank you~
@BlackJackXXX thank u lol I tried that's all haha if u practice u can do it to like thy say practice makes perfect
Oh my god, these are all so cute and well drawn!!! I wish I had your talents