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This is the reason why my updates haven't come but also there is more behind.. Well at least I think so...
I got sick on Sunday, for a rather unknown reason actually. The past week I kept feeling like I was freezing even though everyone else felt the temperature was normal. The last month to last three weeks I was dealing with all sorts of stress, such as school and personal issues. Sunday I was dealing with the feeling of my energy being drained and the same freezing temperature of mine. Monday it was the same feeling yet stronger and later in the afternoon my ears started to hurt. Later that night I noticed I got an ear infection which caused sudden feelings of dizziness. Today, Tuesday I woke up at 4 am to go to the bathroom only to experience a sudden wave of dizziness... After just ten minutes I just remember holding onto the sink and telling my mother (both my mother and father were awake) "I'm so dizzy" then my vision going pitch black and my body limp yet I was able to move my feet. I kept hearing my mothers voice saying "Keep moving your feet forward, don't worry I got you" and feeling support on both my sides. Later in the day I found out that my father came to help me, but he was frightened by what happened. They never have to deal with me fainting since I never fainted before. I might go to the hospital yet I'm not sure yet.. I'm just wanting on how I turn out later in the night honestly (currently 7:48 pm centeral time)...
@TiffanyBibian @reyestiny93 @PrincessUnicorn @bbyitskatie @Ercurrent @Tamaki1618 @ESwee @AlexErica @PatriciaS @jojojordy2324 @Katherina2078 @MsLoyalHeart Thank you guys for the concern it really means a lot honestly πŸ’› just wanted to you all know that I feel much better but I didn't go to the hospital but I feel much better now ^^ just wanted to let you all know that now~
I think it might be smart to go and get a check up, this doesn't sound very safe to just let it pass on its own. It's better to get things checked out as soon as possible because sometimes it could be something that can get worse if not taken care of quickly. I hope you recover safely!
Hopefully you get better soon. 😁❀
@ReynadeKpop That's good to hear! Hopefully it won't happen again! ^^
@Miss148 not usually, I usually and most often get headaches, thank you for your concern though~ I'm feeling much better now than as of last night~
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