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Have you ever had a nightmare teacher? Well Kim So Hyun and BTOB's Lee Min Hyuk definitely do in their new drama "Nightmare Teacher"!
This drama revolves around Ye Rim (Kim So Hyun) the perfect class president, and Sang Woo (Lee Min Hyuk) a second-year high school student with a strong sense of justice. They play as best friends who work together to solve the mystery that surrounds their school and possibly their teacher. As soon as students develop dreams and goals they seem to fall for temptations that ruin their future. Han Bong Gu (Uhm Ki Joon), their mysterious and nightmarish teacher seems to be at the center of all of this. (Soompi
Let's follow Ye Rim and Sang Woo as they try to solve this mystery!
Min Hyuk was seen advertising his own drama on Instagram white Peniel, his fellow BTOB member, helped him advertise the drama on his own account ^~^ what supportive love
It first aired on March 14th, and airs every Monday and Thursday 10AM KST on Naver TV Cast and there are currently three episodes out!
Who wants to watch this with me?!
KpopINT will keep you updated!
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I never knew this was a drama so yes of course I'm going to watch this 馃槅
Is it on Drama fever yet?? It sounds super interesting and I want to watch it!!!!
There are at least 8 episodes out....but I couldn't find them subbed, only in Korean.
is this supposed to be scary
This drama looks good
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