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I don't have to be a girl to know just how ON THE MONEY this cartoon graphic by Loryn Brantz is.

Where are YOU right now with your hair?

Love your new haircut...
Hate everything...
Like your length...
Bored with your hair...
If you haven't already done so, JOIN THE HAIRSTYLES COMMUNITY! I just checked and there are THOUSANDS OF CARDS making it impossible to find the perfect solution and care products for your hair RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!
Right in between "I love my haircut," and "I hate everything." Lol. I cut my hair about a month ago, and I still love the length and different layers, but I hate the fact that half of my hair won't stay in a ponytail! Although, I'm bored with my hair color, and want to do something way different... Thinking an ombre of purple to pink.
@marshalledgar If I do, I'll show you guys, for sure! It won't be for a while, though. I can't afford much right now because my boyfriend and I are travelling out of state for a wedding next month. I should probably start looking around for someone that can do that, though.
@petname83 I haven't heard of it. It is gorgeous! I would love to do that! Thanks for the suggestion!
love my new haircut. lol
I do like my length. I am growing my hair really long and it is in the middle of my back now. So my goal right now is I just want my hair to grow lol.
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