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Which Too Faced Palette Are You Craving?

Alright, it's official.

I'm obsessed with my Too Faced Natural Matte palette. It's my go to every single day!! And while I do occasionally grab for my It Cosmetics palette or my Lorac shades....it's usually Too Faced for me :)

So I'm thinking about investing in another!

I was lucky enough to find that one on a makeupexchange when looking for matte palettes for a great price, so I'll probably try to do the same. But which one do I get?!
Here's some of the ones that have caught MY eye.

What are you craving?

Romantic Eyes

Why I love this: it's so different from what I own, could make SO many pretty looks, and I'm dying to try a green like Honeymoon!!!

Cat Eyes

Why I want it: those beautiful purples!! I already have a few purples but they're all mattes, and I think this palette would pair so well with what I already own.

Rock and Roll

Why I love this: BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY GLAM! When I started rebuilding my makeup collection, I only bought mattes & neutrals because hey, that's what I'm gonna wear the most. But I'm ready to go glam, and I think this is a great way to do it.
I'm 90% sure @TessStevens already owns this, but if she doesn't, she should!

Chocolate Bon Bon

Why I want it: I don't own a lot of BRIGHT colors, and especially no BRIGHT pinks!! Or silvers. This just has a lot that I don't have, so I think I could do a lot with this :) Plus, the colors are AMAZING and pigmented.
And it smells like chocolate. So there's that XD

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Why I want this: I love the idea of rich warm orangey browns so much, and I already love wearing purples & magenta, so I think these color combos would be right up my alley!

A La Mode

Why I love this: I think it's perfect for spring & summer, and I don't have much makeup that is. I want to create bright spring looks, but totally lack the tools. Would this do it?

So....what do you like?!

Tagging friends for opinions :)
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@cindystran That's my problem -- I can't choose! I'm leaning towards Cat Eyes & either PBJ or A La Mode~
a year ago·Reply
I definitely try peanut butter and jelly and cat eyes.
a year ago·Reply
Honestly, I like the looks of these palettes. A La Mode has the colorscape I like the most. So if I had to choose, that's the one I'd go with. However, and not to be persnickety, my heart and soul belongs to the collection of Naked palettes. :) :) :)
a year ago·Reply
@MyAffairWith LOVE those both!!
a year ago·Reply
@marshalledgar I like that one, too. I just can't choose! I can understand the draw of the Naked palettes, hahaha! I'm surprisingly not super interested in getting one, though~
a year ago·Reply