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To Signal and Descendants of the Sun.

I plan to watch both of these dramas and will keep you guys updated with my reactions each week!

Not promising that I'll only watch one episode per week (I'll probably binge a bit) so hang on to your hats, people!

Who else has watching, is watching, or WILL be watching either of these two?!

@AlyssaGelet818 Yay! I'm glad to hear from someone that Six Flying Dragons is good!! I'm gonna start the first episode tonight! And I'll definitely watch Desendents of the Sun after! 😊
@JaxomB WATCH IT. And maybe I'll start Desendents of The Sun after I watch the one I'm planning to watch which is Six Flying Dragons!
I'm so pumped for you to start Signal!!!! It's one of the best dramas I've watched in a REALLY long time. 😊 WARNING: There's a lot of heart wrenching scenes where I was bawling continuously for 5 minutes....I'm not even exaggerating! 😣 @cindystran I finished it and THE ENDING. HOLY CRAP. The amount of feels!! 😖
Watching Descendants of the Sun! It's so flippen' amazing! The feels are real!^^
Have fun! I haven't watched Signal yet, but I can assure you...DESCENDANTS IS AMAZING! I have watched everything up until this week's releases, so I can 100% say this :3
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