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Recovering lazyholic project is a funny, beautiful, text-based photography series by Austin artist Erin Hanson. About Erin Hanson: Live in Austin, the photographer has been to many places and want to go everywhere. He believe we all are prey to bouts of laziness. He is constantly in the throes and try to combat his ailment with a steady diet for inspiration and doing. Photography and graphic design are his favorite outlets. About the project: Recovering lazyholic is something Erin does for himself to keep him from not doing. Whethers it is just for a laugh, or knowing that you are not alone in recovery, or simply to see something taht makes your eyes happy; the photographer hope that this project would be a place would be enjoyment to others.
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Creative and awesome! Lol! And it's true, whether people admit it or not. We definitely do have bouts of laziness.