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We've all done it before and we'll probably all do it again.

Korean Drama All Nighters - the true test of a drama fan!

Here's what you need to know:

1. Get everything you need in one place

I'm talking about snacks, tea, pillows, your phone, your charger, EVERYTHING. You won't want to get up and grab things during your marathon.
If you want to sound fancy and sophisticated you can call it 'mise-en-place' which is what French chefs say when they prep for cooking ;D

2. Get comfy

That means pajamas, blankets, probably your bed.

3. Get the rhythm down

Go to the bathroom during the ads, load multiple episodes at once, etc. There is a science to watching dramas efficiently :)

4. Learn the art of skimming

Dramas are great but sometimes scenes are just way too long. During an intense marathon it is totally okay to skim a bit through the drawn-out parts.

5. Befriend caffeine and and vitamin C

In the morning you're going to be feeling the after effects of the marathon. Learn the importance of a good coffee or black tea, and grab an orange juice too to help you recover!

6. Don't expect to be able to function the next day

Emotionally and physically you'll be drained. Do not expect to be able to function like a real human being the next day.

This is all in good fun and you should always take care of your health and other responsibilities first, but who DOESN'T love a good drama all nighter!?

that's what I did yesterday I was up until 4 finishing a drama. it was so worth it. Now back at it with another drama.
Lol it helps being home all day with nothing to do pretty much every day is marathons of shows
I've got the all nighters down. I just need school to be over with so I can watch k-dramas! lol
Today is going to be my drama all nighter got to catch up!! spring break
that's how I spent my stay-cation
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