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How NOT to show off your gaming skills
Whether you're an active or casual gamer, starting off a conversation with game stats is not the way to go if you're trying to impress someone (unless you already know them and they are into said game). While you might be lucky enough to get one of the "gamer" responses, it's more likely you'll either come off as bragging or...as "having too much time on your hands." I have actually met people who did the same thing as in the comic and it was just...awkward. Not because they play WoW or play it so much, but because it was the first thing they said to me. SMH.

Has anyone tried to impress you with their gaming skills? Let me know in the comments!

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@CalebOrr my friends have to drag me out of the house in order to take me to places because I'm just that antisocial XD is rather stay home and play video games, watch anime, or watch movies and just do stuff
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@Melodicballoon my computer is my best friend
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@CalebOrr honestly, same 馃槀
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I have and it was weird. and I'm a gamer to boot. in still friends with the girl but yeah that shouldn't have been a opener. maybe saying like do you like games?
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Wow, not the game, but the expression!
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