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"Ayayaya!!!" I back up further into the office and hit the wall with my back. "I'm not trying to take your boyfriend, miss. I-"
"Then what are you two doing in here alone?" She marched towards me and she was right in front of me with a clenched jaw.
"ChunHae." KyungJa grabbed her hand and pulled her away from me. "She's a new employee here. I was going to tell her about her job until you came in." The woman called ChunHae looked at me then down at the floor. "This is Y/N, remember what Hitman-Bang said at the meeting?" She nodded. "This is her, the one BTS is having to protect."
"H-hello there, I'm y/n." I bowed to her shakily.
"Oh, I'm Seon ChunHae, Chi KyungJa's girlfriend." She bowed to me. "I work in the editing office. If you're in the same division as Kyunggy then you must be in the choreography and stage division!" I looked at KyungJa who gave me a slight nod. "Squee! You'll have such an amazing time as a choreographer for them! Of course, you won't be the main choreographer, but you'll be working with them.
"Chunnie, if you don't mind, I'll tell her in detail now." KyungJa had me sit in the chair. "Now, as she said, you'll be helping me and the others on the choreography team create their choreographs. You will also help them perfect each and every dance for their performances." He sighed then rubbed his eyes. "Certain performances are different from the original, so you will teach them those parts." KyungJa started to walk out of the room before ChunHae noticed.
"Kyunggy...where are you going? Wait!" ChunHae started out the door after him but turned around to me before leaving. "It's nice to meet you y/n! I'm so sorry about earlier. Ah!" She turned and ran down the hall after her boyfriend. "Kyunggy!" I sighed and tried to think before anything else happened but with my luck, I didn't get much rest. Five minutes later I heard heavy footsteps running down the hall towards my office.
"Aish, I thought your office was on the other floor." Namjoon had one hand gripping the door frame while the other was on his heaving chest. "Anyways, y/n." He walked over to me and grabbed my hand. "I know that you don't have anything right now so you're eating lunch with us." He said as he dragged me out of the room and to the elevator. We were met at the ground floor by the boys.
"Let's go now." Yoongi walked to the front doors with the others following him out. Namjoon continued to half pull me down the street until we got to a small restaurant.
"Look at the foods!" Hoseok peered into the window as we went inside where we were greeted warmly. "Let's get the meat pillows!" Hoseok said excitedly then somehow got Jimin and Taehyung to start chanting "meat pillows" to the whole restaurant.
"How many of those would you like, sir?" A waitress came up behind them while they were chanting with a smile.
"Um, can we have ten of them?" Jin said to the waitress.
"TEN??? Um, sir, do you know how big the meat pillows are?" We all shook our heads. "Well, they're almost as big as the plates." She grabbed a clean plate off of a stand nearby and set it on the table. "Each one is that big." We all stared at each other in awe. "So, have you changed your mind about how many you would like?" We all nodded.
"Fourteen, please!" We all said in almost unison. The waitress stepped back in shock then bowed to us. A few seconds later we heard someone in the kitchen yell.
"That is so many! A family of four can barely finish ONE!" We sat at the table embarrassed but continued talking cheerfully. Sometime later the waitress and five other waiters and waitresses walked out with trays of the meat pillows. The table was later packed to the edges with the plates. Then we started eating the ginormous meat pillows.
"Ah~ that was very good, eh Kookie?" Taehyung playfully punched the maknae. We had somehow eaten all but one of the meat pillows in the hour and a half we were in there. The restaurant workers all stood behind the counter in awe and started to whisper to each other. We paid hastily when we realized we had spent almost two hours out for lunch. We ran down the streets as fast as our stuffed bellies would let us. We were about four blocks away from the Big Hit building when we heard Hoseok scream.
Men with completely covered faces and bodies were going to each of the boys and covering their mouths and noses with cloths. I was in the front and Namjoon and I were the last to drop. Before I blacked out I saw the boys get carried back the way we came but Namjoon and I were being carried a different direction from them. I could tell that Namjoon was still awake but I didn't have enough consciousness to call out to him. Soon enough, my entire body went limp.
Pretty short chapter, but that's what I get for procrastinating but it's worse for you all who like certain member's parts. Sorry, but Namjoon isn't really on my bias list so his parts can be a bit dry. If you really like Namjoon and you have any ideas, you can give suggestions for his parts. That goes for all the members actually. Feedback is great, I love knowing that people like my story. Plus if you have any questions about the story (or me) feel free to ask. No matter how weird you may think it is because this is a weird story. Aight, that's it for now, bye~
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