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*UPDATE* She made a VINGLE! Please everyone welcome her into the Fam! Her name is @yougotnojamz ;) But she got Jams tho Lol Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› Let's start with the Character Profiles of her Story! LEGGO! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Liar Liar- Character profiles Hi guys, so I’ve stared a new bangtan fanfic..This is a character profile on each main character, even though others may be mentioned.. just in case you don’t know who’s who. Hope it helps! Y/n Currently in her final year of studying, y/n is an intelligent and pretty individual that has been in a 4 month relationship with Jeon Jungkook. She thought it was pure fate meeting him that night at her friends party, when he helped her get away from all the drunk guys hitting on her.. they immediately hit it off. The only problem she has with him that ever since he moved into her apartment, she sees even less of him. He’s never home and he puts it down to “work”- she knows at the back of her mind something’s up.. But what?  Jungkook Quite a dark personality. Is only a soldier (a low-ranking gang member) as he is still young- only a year older than y/n. But that doesn’t mean he’s not respected for his skills (which include getting the guilty to confess by any means necessary, undercover work, accurate shooting-pretty much anything). He’s also trying to make a name for himself by being in a relationship with the daughter of the boss of all bosses- the beautiful, vindictive, cold Minah.  Jungkook thought she was the most beautiful woman he’s laid eyes on..until he met y/n. Minah She is an extremely powerful figurehead in their world of chaos and violence, and she always gets what she wants- being pretty helps in this male-dominated business, of course. She is very jealous of y/n as Jungkook spends more time with her than he does his own girlfriend. As soon as this undercover job is done, she plans to get her own back with y/n. Jin Jin is in charge of the 4 man subunit consisting of him, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook. The boss trusts him enough to promote him as the gangs underboss. The others respect him a lot, but also fear him slightly- it’s a well known fact that he shot his own brother for being a traitor. Hoseok Also known as J-hope. A reliable member of the organisation- he’s the one who got Jungkook into that party to meet y/n. He is Jin’s right hand man, and is trusted with the dirty work after someone has been dealt with.  Taehyung Being only a year older than Jungkook, they are good friends, practically brothers- as they handle most undercover cases together. For example, he acts as Jungkook’s office buddy while he poses as y/n’s boyfriend. Yoongi A cold, calculating man, Yoongi is the boss of another group- rivals to Jin’s gang. Jimin and Namjoon work for him, and they have other people on the side (associates) trying to join them. Yoongi needs weak spots to infiltrate Jin’s gang. Yoongi doesn’t want to mess with Minah as that could completely destroy them. But then he finds out about y/n. Namjoon Yoongi’s right hand man, he does whatever Yoongi says. Normally involved in the gangs kidnappings and interrogations. He has incentive to hate Jin- the day Jin shot his brother, he also shot Namjoon’s..their 2 brothers had been working together, ultimately for Yoongi. In his current state of mind, he would go to great lengths to torture and hurt Jin. Jimin A right sweet talker. Flirts with pretty much any woman. A great asset for Yoongi when they want to capture a girl. As soon as he lays eyes on y/n he knows she’s..different. Not like the other whores he has to lure and trap. He can only hope not to get attached.  Yuri Yoongi’s girlfriend. He doesn’t really care about her, so uses her as a spy. But he is also extremely possessive over her. She spies on Jin’s gang and reports back to Yoongi until she gets caught. That’s all for now..if I add any characters to the plot, I’ll be sure to update the character profile. ^^ Link to get Tumblr:
Will post her first chapter after this. *Note: She gave me permission to post her stories here and wattpad. She is thinking of making a WattPad for those who are interested in following her. Once she gives me her username, I will let y'all know. She also is making a Vingle which I will let everyone know once she does* Enjoy her story everyone!

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