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The second one on the first row is me. I have a shirt that has Ravi's name on it, and whenever I wear it. I sometimes hope that people will ask "Who's Ravi?" Me: I'm glad you asked. *Pulls out 30 minute presentation of why he's my bias.* lol 😂
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I related to soooo many of these. Especially my old life before kpop. Like literally, I don't even remember how my life was before then.
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I enjoyed these! Hadn't seen most of them before, so they were "fresh" to me! I have a jersey I made for a race I was in that has "KOOKIE" & the # "97" on the back. I have yet to be identified by a fellow k-popper. Usually I get, "Is that your nickname?" To that I just say, "yeah."
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I love k-pop!!!!! ❤
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I am lucky I have meet 2 other K-poppers IRL!!!! <3
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