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♡ It's Tofu Onew Tuesday!! ♡
If there is one thing I'm a sucker for, it's guys in glasses. There is just something about a good looking guy in glasses, that can make a girl swoon. Guys look sophisticated, and intelligent when they wear glasses.

☆☆ I swear I'm not biased because I wear glasses. . . *cough cough*

Onew, is absolutely adorable anyways, but when he has glasses, it is enough to make your heart melt.

Whether it is prescription glasses, or sunglasses, he's a babe either way.

☆ I also like how he has different styles of frames.

He can make any style of glasses look good: wire, round plastic, oval, etc. You name it, Onew Can pull it off.

Q For Today: Is there a certain look that you like on Onew?

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@AlexErica That one is one of my favorites. @Tigerlily84 Yeas he is!! ♡♡♡
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Ah....so cute in glasses.
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@JaxomB Yes he is!!
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