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So as some of you may know I have applied for a job doing what I love, drawing comics. I was asked to do two drawings of a character named Karma from one of their comics. One was an action shot and the other was a bust shot which I have provided below.
Finally heard back that the Creative Director for the comics has some critiques which could either mean they're interested and wanna see more or they didn't like it and want to give me a second chance on a whim to see if I can pull it together. What do you guys think? @KristianHampton @annamolly @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @SamTheMallow @Nicolejb @ButterflyBlu @Danidee @redapple615 @InPlaneSight @RyanOgg @Mymi @buddyesd
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@MichaelOgg I used to direct for a few indie theater companies so I'd sit in on auditions
It's not the same thing obviously but that was usually what I meant what I asked stuff like that!
still pretty cool xD
@MichaelOgg haha yeah it was a cool company. They were horror based so there were lots of werewolves and serial killers XD
@shannonl5 not many people know it but I was an actor lol I got suckered into it having to perform numerous roles that were all very different and don't get me started on how many different lines I had to memorize XP