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K-dramas have all kinds of characters that appear again and again.

Today, I wanted to bring up: JEALOUS BOYFRIENDS.

And I'm talking about even the really subtle times when boyfriends that get overprotective and weird about guys helping out their girlfriend.

Even in My Love From Another Star, Do Min Joon occasionally would be a little too protective when it came to other men in Song Yi's life.

Now I know that in some dramas these boys are young and can act immature, but is that any excuse?

When they ignore the girls, yell at them, beat up other guys, get in car chases, etc. It's a little ridiculous, right!?

I know its all to add a dramatic effect, but I just worry that people will think that's how relationships should work.

Like, guys will think that is how they show love, and girls might only feel loved if their boyfriend is controlling?

What do you guys think? Is the jealous boyfriend thing getting old?

I kinda like the jealous boyfriend because it's shows that they actually care for their girlfriend, I just don't like when their overly jealous.
Jealousy isn't needed to show love ^.^ Of course envy is a natural feeling and humans are unable to control it. However, I think when you're in a relationship it's good to feel trust before jealousy and worry.
I like the jealousy when it is just a cute overprotective-ness that comes about every once in a while, but sometimes they do take it too far or it is a bit too much. I just watched "Bride of the Century," and there would be so much going on plot-wise, and then all of a sudden, Kang Ju would just drop everything that was important and start getting mad at the poor second male lead (I already forgot his name 😳) for just talking to Doo Rim. I really liked the show, but I think that there were way too many unnecessary scenes where the main lead got jealous too much for no real reason, and it kind of took away from some other important elements of the show.
If every show is based on a love triangle, you will have jealousy. γ…‹γ…‹ i think the jealous thing is played up more in their shows over ours because how their relationships are treated. They go on lots of blind dates and nothing is really taken serious unless they are willing to get married and then the parents have to agree on that too. so they have lots of factors in their relationships.
I love JKS... "cut it or u die" look at the end...sorry I was off topic.... jealous... a little bit is cute..but if it get too much, I will think is over control, which is time to "run for ur life"😝😝😝😝
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