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Prayers and Thoughts Go To the Victims of The Brussels Attacks.

Bombings in two major Belgian transport hubs killed at least 30 people and injured at least 230 people Tuesday morning. Only just a few months after the world was in shock as Paris was under attack, the people of Brussels faced a similar fate. At 8 a.m. two bombs exploded in the Brussels International Airport and then another explosion happened in a busy metro station shortly after. ISIS seems to be behind the attacks after finding an ISIS flag at the scene. Belgian police are still investigating.
The world came to show their outpouring of love and support for the Belgian capital. The biggest landmarks around the globe lit up in Belgian colors or in the United States' case, we turned off the lights to offer our condolences. With terrorist attacks becoming more and more apparent throughout the world due to ISIS, security and national safety is becoming a huge issue. This terrorism needs to stop.
But even on the darkest days, it's wonderful to see the world sharing love to make it through.

Nagyardei Stadium: Budapest, Hungary

The Palace of Culture: Warsaw, Poland

National Toronto Welcome Sign: Toronto, Canada

Empire State Building: New York City, USA

Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

Trevi Fountain: Rome, Italy

Brandenburg Gate: Berlin, Germany

Penshaw Monument: Sunderland, England

Koninklijk Palace: Amsterdam, Holland

The Parthenon: Athens, Greece

@BanalataBera i do feel bad and i am angry and i have a right to be and everyone else should be t枚 because i am a dying breed! i love my country, take pride in my country and i am a patriot at heart and to see that die istd deplorable to me and to many others. please read my card that i made about that entitled "world shows no support for america". shame on americans and shame on other countries for not supporting us. after 9/11, france was the only nation to show their support and respect for the u.s.
@leogirl32.... Yea i know its sad... But its a show case world right now.... People think awareness can only be spread through showing what they feel... Instead of taking immediate steps which would actually show some input...!!.. Whatever... But don't feel bad if they didn't do it when California was attacked... Its all about trend... Maybe they would do it again when any other country gets attacked in future.... Hope its none...!! Wake up n take some huge steps... Please world.... We need you...!!
i t卯nk it is really disgusting how so few people even address the issue or even care about the truth of what i just said. where was the rest of the world when california was attacked? why TF am i the only one asking this question?
i didnt see the world sharing love for california when they were shot up at a christmas party by islamic terrorists. i didnt even see americas own citezens showing support for them. in fact, just from being on social media, i would have never known that it happened at all. americans have no patriotism anymore and the rest of the world has no respect for us either.
How about the two bombings in Turkey just prior to Brussels?
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