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Welp, I am not lol. So let's check out some random facts about Batman that he does not WANT us to know!

Batman use to actually kill people. Yup Mister Bat did not have any problems dropping the ax. So, the old Batman criminals had to be afraid because ultimately they were going to die. The new class gets away with an Judo Chop XD

Many of old comics we all poke fun at because of all the language and terminology they used back than. But did you know Dr. Fredric Wertham, tired to destroy Batman comics and pretty much all comics. The Dr put out that Batman and Robin were actually gay and his clients that he kept seeing (Dr was a therapist) all had homosexual feelings after reading the comic book. Now today, with some hard strides LBGT community is more socially acceptable and we even have characters that are LBGT which is absolutely amazing.

Martha Wayne is the Joker. Well, in an alternate reality, that is. The Flashpoint storyline shook things up in a major way for many superheroes, but Batman was one of those most changed. It was revealed that it was the young Bruce who had actually been shot that night in Crime Alley, with his parents surviving him. This led Thomas Wayne to become Batman but a really dark version of the brooding Batman we know

The first Batman movie came out in 1964 and it was Batman VS Dracula. DC had no involvement with the movie but it was absolutely created and it's the real deal. This was created by Andy Warhol.

This was actually the original look and feel of Batman. Aren't we happy they went the other way on this!

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@redapple615 I actually have that gif, I pull that out when people start trolling on other sites I am on 😂
@nobankai oh cross you did, why aren't you DC mod damn it XD
i knew most of these things
The more you know ......you know, of all things, there should be a rainbow emoji! So this joke could work! Geez Apple.
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