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Haiiii Everyone, As I said on the last card, Here is Chapter 1 of @yougotnojamz Fanfic ^-^ She's new to Vingle so please welcome her into our lovely world! ;) Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: Reader/Jungkook. (for now ;)) Others Characters in Chapter: Taehyung/Jin/J-hope(mention of Yoongi/Minah) Length: 1507 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be
Y/N’s POV I don’t remember which noise woke me up first- the sound of thunder and rain hitting my window or the quiet, yet distinctively angry murmuring in the room next door. It was a small apartment, so even the smallest sounds were amplified, so it was probably both. I groaned quietly as I stretched my neck muscles- I had fallen asleep at my desk again. This late night studying had started to take its toll. Everyone knew I was smart enough to ace these stupid exams, but revision provided a nice distraction on these somewhat lonely nights. Once my brain was fully awake, I remembered the voices- I wasn’t alone. Shit..has someone broken in? I scrambled up, hitting my knee on the desk in the process. Shit. The voices continued.  “SHHH you moron, y/n’s asleep!”, someone hissed. Not just someone. Jeon Jungkook. My boyfriend of 4 months. I relaxed a little hearing his familiar voice. Some of my friends found it a bit weird that he’d already moved in (he had done around 2 months into the relationship), and so did I at first, but he assured me it was because that my apartment was closer to his work than his own. So I was happy to help. My mind snapped back to reality as I slowly moved towards the door that separated my room and the people on the other side with Jungkook. The floorboards were in my favour as they didn’t creak for once. I opened the door just enough to see what was happening. I knew none of them could see me as my rooms light had been shut, probably by Jungkook, and their room had the dim lamp on that cast shadows everywhere, including where I was stood.The voices were a lot clearer now. I recognised one other voice- it perked up “Well, you shouldn’t have asked us to meet you here then, idiot” , the amusement clear in his voice. It was Taehyung, I was sure. I knew his voice only because Jungkook bought him around once, within a fortnight of moving in. He seemed nice if not a bit edgy. I remember his smile though- it honestly took like ten years off his age. “Jungkook, did you dispose of her properly?”, another voice spoke up gruffly. I froze. My breath stopped in my throat, and I didn’t breath again until my heart was pounding in my ears. What the hell? Dispose?! Dispose of who? And who just asked that?  I had so many questions. All I heard in Jungkook’s response was a humourless laugh. “ I had to run,Jin. Hoseok stayed to take care of the mess”.  Jin. his name’s Jin..Who the hell is Jin?  I craned my neck to see his face, but he was sat on the chair facing away from me, so all I got was the back of his head. I started thinking about how I needed some gin (my mind wonders quite a lot). I swallowed, not knowing what to think anymore. Trying to piece all this information together- I mean, Jungkook worked in an office 10 minutes away, he wasn’t a criminal. “ You better hope he does a damn good job”, Jin growled at him. Taehyung giggled, “They don’t call him J-hope for nothing!” Jungkook just sighed and turned to Taehyung. “H-how is she?..”, Jungkook asked him, somewhat tentatively, I noticed. ‘She’? Is he asking about me? Why would Taehyung know how I am? I was getting more confused by the minute. “Minah’s good, obviously not happy about your living arrangements with y/n”, Taehyung replied, in a wary tone. Ok..who the fuck is Minah? “Godamn it Tae, do you think I asked for this?”, Jungkook hissed, obviously thinking I was still asleep. “It’s just convenience. If HQ wasn’t so damn far from me, you think I’d do this? Tell her I said that”. It was at this point I stepped back and quietly shut the door feeling numb. All I could think was that he was with another girl, and he only needed me for my apartment. And that he was probably a murderer. I grabbed my hoodie, as I was suddenly shivering and started using that logical brain of mine to decide was I was going to do. Then I heard Jin. “ Text from Hoseok. The job is done. We should go, it’s getting late. We can think of a plan to tackle Yoongi and his lot tomorrow”. I looked at the time. 3am. OK, OK. Don’t panic. You can jump out the window. No, you idiot , you’re 2 storeys up! Lock yourself in the bathroom..but then he can wait outside as long as he wants..what will he do, kill me? think…THINK.  I decided the best thing to do for the time being is go back to my desk and pretend like I hadn’t even woken up. Then I can make a run from him in the morning. Genius.  But while I was having this internal battle with myself I hadn’t realised what was happening in the room next door. Taehyung and the mysterious Jin had gone. It was empty now. Empty, except me and Jungkook. I didn’t even heard my bedroom door open, and I only whirled around at the sound of tutting.  Jungkook was leaning on the door frame, one leg in front of the other, arms folded, showing his tense muscles. I gasped, out of surprise but also fear. Because, let’s be honest, I didn’t actually know the man that was stood before me. He switched the light on so I could see his handsome features assessing me. I noticed a glimmer in his dark, hooded eyes as he stepped forward into the room while I involuntarily stepped back, wrapping the hoodie around me further. He smirked dangerously. “ Don’t you know it’s rude to listen in to other peoples conversations y/n?”
Jungkook’s POV It was late, Jungkook was tired. Today had really taken it out of him. Of course he had the responsibility of killing Yoongi’s whore. She wasn’t stupid sadly, so Jungkook had to lure her to HQ using more….questionable methods. Her last words were her moaning his name in pure ecstasy, as he slit her throat. You had to be cold in this business. Plus, she had deserved it. He shook the thought from his head. Focus Jungkook. He had texted Hoseok to take care of her as Jin had asked to meet him and Taehyung. They couldn’t meet at HQ for obvious reasons, so Jungkook had suggested y/n’s apartment- it wasn’t far.  Back at your apartment with the boss and the idiot, Jungkook regretted his decision to bring them here almost instantly. “SHHH you moron, y/n’s asleep!” Taehyung just laughed and came back with a smart retort that Jungkook couldn’t be bothered to listen to.  Jungkook was a skilled killer. His senses were on another level. So when you opened the bedroom door, despite being in the dark and making no sound, he saw. Please, god, please let neither of them say anything stupid, they’ll blow my cover. She can hear everything.  “Jungkook, did you dispose of her properly?” , Jin spoke up. Fuck. Well done boss. He had to act normal, because the last thing he wanted was Jin turning around and seeing you. That would only end with a bullet in your head. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, as much as he told himself and the gang that you were only a cover, as much as he convinced his actual girlfriend nothing was going on between you two, he had actually fallen for you.  Jungkook had to say something to shock you enough to go back to your room. He really didn’t want to say what he was about to, but he also really didn’t want you to get caught. He didn’t doubt your intelligence one bit..but your physical strength wasn’t exactly impressive-certainly no match for the two men sat before you. So he went and said it.  “H-how is she?..” “Minah’s good, obviously not happy about your living arrangements with y/n”, Taehyung replied eyeing him carefully.  “Godamn it Tae, do you think I asked for this?” Jungkook hissed, silently egging you on to shut the godamn door.  It worked. Jungkook breathed a silent sigh of relief. It was Jin’s idea to finally leave. They said their goodbyes and left. Jungkook silently locked the door and made his way to the bedroom. He put his ear up agaisnt the door and tried to hear what you were doing. Silence. He opened the door, to see your back to him. Your shoulders moving up and down rapidly, like you had been running and were out of breath. He tutted, to make his presence known. When he turned on the bedroom light, he couldn’t help but smirk at your wide eyed expression, mouth open. He stepped into the room, and as you stepped back he felt a pang of..he wasn’t sure what it was.. remorse? Guilt? He eyed you carefully before speaking up.  “Don’t you know it’s rude to listen in to other peoples conversations y/n?” To Be Continued.....
Sooooo how was the Chapter? Did y'all like it?!?!?! I got hooked into this, that I finished all chapters in one night LOL I pulled an all nighter just to finish reading this and I am so excited for Chapter 10 to come out! You will see throughout this story what I mean about getting addicted cause omg, I got addicted. Anywho hope you all likes her story cause I sure did. I mean, I finished reading all 9 chapters in one day xD Chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow ^-^

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