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Whatcha got there Natsu? 📝

Busted! I'm gonna start posting again so stay tuned for more 👆
Hahaha I remember the old day when I use to right girls name in my notebooks 😃😃
I kinda wish that for the sake of family that after everything happens that they can act like brothers again
I hope so too unless they find another way to kill Zeref @Deamon
But still it'll be sad if zeref dies, because he loves Mavis, he's Natsu's only family, and the whole him being evil isn't true, all of the things he did in the past was to bring his brother back to life but people misinterpreted that or made it evil, and him wanting to kill Acnologia is what he believes will help the world as Acnologia is really dangerous. So I just think it's sad how his life turned out, his parents are dead (we don't know of them) his brother died and he brought him back but payed the price with the curse which made him isolate him self from people, the person he loved died/fell into a crystal coma like state even though she was immortal, and to kill Acnologia he sent his brother to the future and stayed alone for 400years and people do evil deeds and say it's all for him even though he never made them do it, hades is an example, so all in all the person I feel has had the worst life and deserves better is zeref. Plus I want Natsu to experience having a brother.
busted natsu jeez watch your shoulder man
hahahaha busted!
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