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Screenshots:) Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 : --------------------------------- Hello, our new drama I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. I'm so excited !! Please refresh this card for live update:) ------------------------------------------- > Tae Kang knows Ji An's shoe love. He runs away, but he is arrested. Ji An enforces to confess the name who imitate Ji An's design. He refused it. Ji An interrogates continuously. She said, " Tell the name, or you will be arrested because of the penalties for IPR(Intellectual property rights)." But, he refused it. You know, it has done by his father... >Tae Kang's father watches the news and he sees his son..:( Tae Kang's father denounces hiself for Tae Kang and he gets out of prison. >Oh? Who is the woman? Her name is NaRi and a daughter of CEO. She becomes vice-president of Ji An's company through influence from her father. They seem to hate each other... Oh no, NaRi picks up Ji An's leaflet. It's about reducing the symptoms of menopause. So ashamed>_< >Oh! Tae Kang's father is freed on bail. Tae Kang sells their house for making money:( He assures that he can earn money a lot !.So he works wherever! Hehe >Oh, Ji An's subordinates dissatisfied with Ji An because of overtime work and stress. They talk behind her back and Ji An overheard it:( Ji An invites them to dinner but all of them sneak away with poor excuses... Lonely Ji An.. >Ohho! Ji An drops by Tae Kang's friend's store and Tae Kang is there !!>_< Ji An ignores Tae Kang as a loser and he hurts Ji An's pride. He said, "I guess, around you, there are only shoes not people. For me, your life isn't successful!" >Yeah, they hurt each other. The more Ji An thinks about what Tae Kang said, the more sad she feel and vice versa. > Ji An's company plans to hold a shoe reform contest event. Wow the winner will take a cash prize of 30,000 dollars and a job offer! Our Tae Kang gives a challenge:) > OMG ! Ji An's parents drop by EunSung's hospital. Do you remember? He is Ji An's prospective marriage partner. (She refused it!) > Ji An reacts emotionally to Na Ri. The shoe that Ji An picked up is Tae Kang's one ! Hehe He gets 30,000 dollars !!!! >Tae Kang goes to Ji An's company for the awards ceremony and he spills drink to Ji An by mistake. He said, "Long time no see." >_< ------------------------------------------------ EP3 is over ! It was funny, wasn't it? I will upload screencaps soon>_<
@kuromilove Thank you ! See you next week :))
Thanks for the recap, you worked hard! I'm in love with this drama it leave you wishing more, can't wait to next week.
@soula81 Yeah! RED HIGH HEELS ! >_< Omgggg ! So
i just realized the guys are wearing red high heels in I do poster. that's kinda gay....>_<
@damngorgeous Me,too! it will come as a shock !>_<
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